Do you believe in soulmates? Having a soul connection is more powerful than any kind of relationship we can have.

If you share a spiritual bond with a friend or partner the bond is likely to last a lifetime and as your friendship blossoms you’re drawn to one another and learn from each other’s experiences.

So, how will you know when you meet them that they’re special?

Here are six signs your soul is connected to someone

1) Your Conversations are Easy and Natural

Are most of your conversations awkward or boring? Maybe your conversations lately haven’t had that spark that you’re looking for.

When you have a sole connection with someone all of that can change, conversations with your partner or friend should flow easily and new topics Should come up naturally

you’ll find yourself wanting to talk to them more even if you’re not one to frequently keep up to chat in a group.

Forced small talk and awkward silences won’t be a regular occurrence with them actually when you do run out of things to say those moments of silence will be comfortable because you feel comfortable with them.

2) Your Intuition is Telling You This is Right

Do you let your intuition guide you perhaps your instincts are kicking in with this individual?

Something just feels right and you know it deep down inside of you whether you’ve known them for a while and want to grow in your relationship or you’re just meeting them for the first time.

Your intuition is telling you, you should make a move will you approach them?

3) Feeling that you’ve Known Each Other Forever

So, you’re falling into one of those natural conversations we’ve discussed and everything just feels right.

You can’t help but think have we met before because it feels like I’ve known you all my life maybe in a past life or maybe there’s just a deep connection between the two of you.

You feel comfortable around them and their presence even feels familiar this is a sign you may have a soul connection. Whether as a friend or a lover. they may just be destined to be a great addition to your life.

4) Respect Each Other

So, you’ve been hanging out with this individual for some time now and you’ve noticed there’s a great deal of respect between you both.

No one is trying to force you to fit their standards and both are looking out for each other’s needs in a respectful way.

You should have and receive respect in all your relationships but this is definitely true for someone you connect with spiritually. You’re both equal partners in this journey you take together and you treat each other as such.

5) Strong Positive Energy

There’s a strong positive energy between you both. Things feel natural and comfortable between you two. But you also often feel this strong energy, an electrical current running between you two.

This is another sign and should be a positive force you feel you shouldn’t feel afraid or insecure when you’re with them, but instead excited and drawn to them. They should also feel the same way about you.

6) Share Value & Encourage Healthy Relationship

Healthy relationships work when couples not only trust and respect each other, but when they share the same life values as well.

This goes for the important things in life not the small indifferences and opinions every now and then.

If you both can agree on the important values of life, then your relationship will flourish. You should also encourage each other to grow and not stay static you shouldn’t have to stay in the same place for someone.

You can both grow together in many ways, partners who not only encourage each other to grow but hold similar values in life are perhaps destined to be great couples.

And if they have many of these signs they may even be a spiritually connected couple as well.

 So, do you have a sole connection with someone?